Hong Kong Jockey Club

Case Study 1 (10 Points) Hong Kong Jockey Club

Answer each question with at least two paragraphs. A paragraph should have 3-4 sentences. Answer each question based on your own opinions. You’re welcome to use additional citations as long as they are cited using APA style. Each question is worth 2 points, for a total of 10 points.  ______________________________________________________________________________

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Hong Kong Jockey Club
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  1. The Club took many steps in the project. Which steps did it take to define the design problem and which steps did it take to solve it? What factors in the Hong Kong marketplace impacted innovation and operations at the Jockey Club?


  1. Good design is often the outcome of many iterations and much rework. Did the Club go through major rework? Why or why not?


  1. Essential qualities of designers include empathy and creativity. In general, what roles do empathy and creativity play in defining and solving design problems? What role did empathy play in the Club’s strategy and in the ibu project specifically?


  1. How did the Club stimulate creativity? What other conditions would have contributed to creativity?


  1. Did the Club solve its problem? What impact do you think the innovation will have?

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