History: Write a 500 word essay about Native Americans in the west

Discuss the fate of Native Americans in the West. Make sure in your essay to identify the Dawes Act and its objectives concerning Native Americans. Need to include 2 sources. I’m attaching below 2 pictures from the book talking about the Dawes Act. You may use that as one of the sources. Here is how I want you to cite the textbook and your online source(s) in the text of your paper: Endnotes to cite the textbook Endnotes cite your online source(s) How to create an Endnote using Microsoft Word In Microsoft Word go to References in the top tool bar-click on insert endnote Make sure it inserts the endnote as a number such as “1” Use the Turabian method of endnotes For online sources cite the link to the online source Don’t panic it is easy Here is an example using endnotes to quote or paraphrase from the textbook. President Theodore Roosevelt is America’s first environmental president and “restricted private development on millions of acres of undeveloped land.”[1] You include the author, title, edition, where published and year in parentheses, and page number you quoted or paraphrased. [1] Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People 8th ed., (New York: McGraw Hill, 2016), 507.

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