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the assignment is in the attack file. It includes 4 questions. You need to go to amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Commission-Related-Documents-Cultural-Editions/dp/0312450990 to download the trial free verson ebook.
You need to read from page 1-52 and then answer 4 questions in attack file.

The format must be MLA.

All the direction for assignment is in attack pdf file.

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9/11 Commission Report Paper #1
Due in class Friday, 2/24/16
This assignment is worth 5% of the final term grade. Ability to follow the written instructions
will be part of this grade.
? Read pages 1-52 of The 9/11 Commission Report with Related Documents. Abridged with
an Introduction by Ernest R. May.
? Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and respond to all of the following
? Your paper must begin with a full and correctly cited bibliographic reference to the text.
You should use the “Modern Language Association” or MLA format (go online or
contact me if you have questions about how to do this).
? When responding to the following questions, you must support your answers with direct
reference to evidence provided in the assigned text. Rather than include extensive
quotes or complex footnotes, all I ask is that you include a simple page number reference
at the end of the sentence or paragraph. Do not feel like you have to cite every sentence.
Rather, as historians, you should support your key claims and conclusions on direct
evidence. For example:
“Ernest May believes that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, came as a
complete and disturbing surprise to most Americans. (p.vii)”
Answer all of the following questions in your paper. There is no need to write a formal essay that
links all of the questions, but each answer should be complete, logically argued, and supported
by evidence.
1. Ernest May argues that political partisanship threatened to destroy the commission even
before it began. What was the source of this partisanship?
2. When was the investigation finally commissioned? What problems were presented to the
commission by the White House? What were the reasons, according to May, that the
commission was able to successfully complete the report?
3. May describes three shortcomings of the report. What are these? Which shortcoming, in
your view, was the most problematic and (more importantly) why do you think so?
4. Based on your reading of the section titled “We have some planes,” describe why the
nineteen terrorists were so successful in their attack. Where did they fail? What, in your
view, were the critical problems in “improvising homeland defense” on that tragic day
(again, justify your answer with evidence from the text)?

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