History Film Essay-The Return of Martin Guerre

1. Write a short essay (700-1,000 words) in which you assess the filmThe Return ofMartin Guerre as a historical film. In what ways is it a “historical film”? Is iteffective as a historical film? Based as it is on real events, what is therelationship between the film’s representation and the real-life Martin Guerrecase? Is it a faithful representation? if so, in what ways? if not, why not?


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History Film Essay-The Return of Martin Guerre
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2. Be sure to make reference to the historical events, as well as Natalie Davis’s bookand her role as historical consultant on the film. Keep assigned readings provided(reading1, p19-30, reading 2, reading 3, the book named History on Film/Film on History by
Robert A. Rosenstone)as you write your essay. I already provide reading 1 and 2, if you can not find the third one, you can contact me.
3. Make sure to provide footnotes as Chicago style whenever drawing from the two articles or Davis’s book.
4. Pitch your essay to an imaginary reader unfamiliar with The Return of MartinGuerre.

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