Historical Context of Non Profit Sector

Research papers provide students the opportunity to synthesize the information presented during lectures, peer presentations, and in the course readings. Students will complete three (3) abbreviated research papers throughout the course with each focusing on an important topic in the intellectual development of the nonprofit sector. Students are required to include information and findings from at least two (2) outside sources; one of which must be an applicable peer-reviewed journal article.Papers should explore the relationship between the course readings and the students’ outside articles, paying special attention to any inconsistences in the literature and the application of findings to myriad individuals and institutions present in the nonprofit sector.In other words, these papers provide students the opportunity to fully explore the topics presented in the course through critical evaluation and exploration of theories and ideas. The research papers should articulate students’ understanding of the concepts and their intellectual perspective on each of the three topic areas. Papers should be four to six (4-6) double-spaced pages in length. Reference materials must be properly cited. Prompt: Explore the historical context of the nonprofit sector. Students may center their paper on a particular period of time or central document or figure. Be sure to discuss the significance of your topic and its application to the study of the modern nonprofit sector.

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