Hirschi’s Social Control (Bond) Theory

Compare and contrast Hirschi’s Social Control (Bond) Theory with the following theories:
a Classical Criminology
b Durkheim’s Theory of Crime
c Merton’s Theory of Crime

Focus on the following three dimensions of the respective theories when making comparisons:
1. Nature & Characteristics of Criminals
2. Cause(s) of Crime
3. Policy Suggestions

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Hirschi’s Social Control (Bond) Theory
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In your essay you are expected to put these three theories ( In the topic description above) in dialogue with Hirschi’s Social Control Theory. For example, when comparing Hirschi’s Social Control Theory with Merton’s Theory of Crime, you should pay attention to how Hirschi would evaluate Merton’s theory and how Merton, in return, would evaluate Hirschi’s. What is missing from or wrong with Merton’s Theory from a Social Control Theory perspective? What is missing from or wrong with Social Control Theory from a Strain Theory perspective? Etc.
Do not try to summarize everything. Instead, try to synthesize sources in a way driven by argument or analysis.

Formatting instructions:

• Your paper should be 5 pages excluding bibliography. Writing within these tight page constraints requires that you write as succinctly and as concisely as possible.
• Please organize your paper in essay format and cite appropriate course material (primary
readings and course textbook).
• Your paper will be marked on content and style.
• You can use lecture notes. However, please provide citation if you do. when using direct quotes from readings or when using information from lecture slides provide the slide/page number in the citation. include them at your end of paper bibliography. Lecture notes include
the PowerPoint slides that I have been converted to PDFs and uploaded. however focus more on readings below when getting information than from the lectures. Links to all readings needed + lecture slides are below.
Information to login to my Moodle/eclass to access these reading links below are : username- averyw97 password- averyw1997 . can use outside sources if needed but only use max 1. use mostly the Moodle readings below!! at least 1 reading on each theory needs to be used.
most important readings are from Travis Hirschi Social control (bond) theory as it is what you are comparing all the other theories to.

Travis hirschi social control reading links:
1. https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146785/mod_resource/content/1/Hirschi%20Chapter%2018%20Social%20Bond%20Theory%2C%20Hirschi%2C%20pp.%20229-237.pdf
2. https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146786/mod_resource/content/1/Hirschi%20Chapter%201.pdf

Beccaria Classical Criminology reading links : https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146773/mod_resource/content/1/Beccaria%20Chapter%201%20-%20On%20Crimes%20and%20Punishment%2C%20Beccaria%2C%20pp.%205-15.pdf

Durkheim Theory of Crime readings links:
1. https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146778/mod_resource/content/1/Durkheim%20Division%20of%20Labour%2C%20Crime%20%20Punishment%2C%20Thompson%2C%20pp.%2023-47.pdf
2. https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146779/mod_resource/content/1/Durkheim%20Chapter%209%20-%20The%20Normal%20and%20the%20Pathological%2C%20Durkheim%2C%20pp.%2069-73.pdf
3. https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/pluginfile.php/146780/mod_resource/content/1/Garland%20Chapter%202%20-%20Punishment%20and%20Social%20Solidarity%20-%20The%20Work%20of%20Emile%20Durkheim%2C%20Garland%2C%20pp.%2023-46.pdf
4. https://journals-sagepub-com.ezproxy.library.yorku.ca/doi/pdf/10.1375/acri.41.3.333

Mertons theory of crime reading link:

Just copy and past each link into search bar

Nature and characteristics of criminals, causes of crime and policy suggestions can be found in the readings above but if writer is having trouble finding them, some can be found at mid-end mark of each lecture provided in the attached files. Need these 3 dimensions above to be applied to each of classical criminology, durkheims theory of crime and mertons theory of crime when comparing them to travis hirschis theory of social control (bond) theory.

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