Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template

Complete the Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template by selecting a standard, objective, and activity that encourages higher-order thinking for the content area of your choice.

Part 1: Higher-Order Thinking Skills: Content Area

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Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template
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National/State Learning Standard(s)
Specific Learning Targets/Objective(s)


Higher-Order Thinking Strategies
Anticipatory Set:

How will you activate students’ prior knowledge and link previous learning to the learning activity?




Multiple Means of Engagement:

How will students engage in higher-order questioning skills and metacognitive processes? Describe the steps of the learning activity, including how the activity requires higher-order questioning and processing.










Examples of Higher-Order Questions:

What are five questions that promote higher- order thinking skills, stimulate discussion, and create engagement within this activity?











Multiple Means of Expression:

What informal assessment could be used to capture students’ higher-order thinking and learning? Describe the informal assessment and how you will measure higher-order thinking and learning.

Technology and Collaborative Tools:

What technology and collaborative tools are appropriate for this activity? Describe the tool, how it will be used, and how it will elicit creative and innovative thinking from students. Provide any links as necessary.











Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the activity you developed for higher-order thinking, as well as how you will design learning experiences in your future classroom to promote engagement, use questioning for higher-order thinking, and encourage deep discussion.

Support your ideas with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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