Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease Case Study

Instructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. Please provide rationales for your answers. Make sure to provide citations/references for your answers in APA format.Module Level Objectives with alignment to course objectives:


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Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease Case Study
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  • Explain physical and psychosocial changes occurring during the preschool years that influence child and family health needs. (CLO #1)
  • Differentiate the nursing roles regarding vision and hearing screening for preschoolers. (CLO #2)
  • Compare coping skills of preschoolers with those of younger children. (CLO #4)
  • Outline primary prevention immunization requirements for preschoolers. (CLO #3)

Read: Edelman, Kudzama. (2018). Health Promotion throughout the Life Span. (9th Ed.). Elsevier ISBN: 978-0-323-41673-3

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