Health Level Seven (HL7) standards

Please just answer as Q&A with just a few sentences.

1. How do Health Level Seven (HL7) standards facilitate the sharing of clinical data?

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Health Level Seven (HL7) standards
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2. Please click on the following hyperlink and let’s discuss how Messaging standards such as Health Level Seven (HL7) enable one computer-based system to process the meaning of a message sent from a different computer-based system (i.e., semantic interoperability) by specifying an agreed-upon structure and semantics (Health Level 7, 2001). For example, what scenarios, standards for messaging are necessary to support the computer-based interactions between a home healthcare RN and the pharmacy and between the RN and the home health agency?

3. What about all other terms associated with standards? Where do they fit with standardization?

4. We have only focused on data interoperability – that is, the ability to exchange data between independent applications. Where does integration and certification fit in? What is the CEO’s plan for this.

5. What questions, issues or answers do you have about standards, interoperability and integration?

6. What are some of the non-HL7-based standards that are important in healthcare?

7. What were the issues that HIPAA was to address? How well has it worked thus far?

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