Health Care System

  • 1: Analyze the effects of financial and economic factors (such as cost-benefit, supply and demand, return on investment, and risks) in a health care system on patient care, services offered, and organizational structures and operation.
    • Summarize the chosen economic issue and its impact on your work, organization, colleagues, and community.
  • 2: Develop ethical and culturally equitable solutions to economic problems within a health care organization in an effort to improve the quality of care and services offered.
    • Identify any socioeconomic or diversity disparities that exist with how your chosen economic issue impacts any particular groups or populations.
  • 3: Justify the qualitative and quantitative information used to guide economic decision making to stakeholders and colleagues.
    • Explain the findings of evidence-based or scholarly sources regarding the need to address your chosen issue and pursue potential change or implementation plans.
  • 4: Develop ethical and culturally equitable economic strategies to address dynamic environmental forces and ensure the future security of an organization’s resources and its ability to provide quality care.
    • Explain the predicted outcomes and opportunities for growth as the result of the proposed change or implementation plan.