Harriet Martineau

This is the grading rubric that will be used to assess your response to others:

  • Student address peer by name.
  • Student displays understanding of peer’s post. ·Student contributes in an academic manner.
  • Student uses college level English skills.
  • Student reply should be no less than Five sentences for each reply, it could be more that’s fine.


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Harriet Martineau
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3) How might the field of sociology look differently today if Harriet Martineau had never translated Comte’s works?

  • If Harriet Martineau had not translated Comte’s writing from French to English, the field of sociology would not be the same as it is today. Comte had an important role in the development of sociology and by closing an essential border to his writings to a single language, the spread of sociology would not have been as influential as it is now. Many who relied on translation would not have been able to discuss their views or ideas and disagreements from comets’ work causing a domino effect to the whole rise to the field of sociology.