Hamlet by Shakespeare

Find out as much as you can about the epoch, during which Shakespeare of
the Hamlet was active.
Compare the facts about the epoch and the author with the play.
Write a text in which you compare what you have found/seen in the novel, i.e
what kind of society, cultural context, economical situation your characters are
living under, with typical features, characteristics, ideas and beliefs that
correspond to the epoch to which it belongs.
Remember to reflect on the message and meaning you think the author has with
the novel and how the epoch is shown in the text.
Remember to connect the epoch to the following: (Focus little extra on the bold words below)
● The characters
● The Message
● Figurative Languages/style of writing
● Genre
● The Plot
● The Title
● The Setting
● The Tone
● The Theme
When writing, these points need to be well done/shown in the paper!
● Clarity: Introduction, Paragraphs, Conclusion
● Adaptation to purpose, recipient, and situation
● Linguistic variation
● Linguistic Fluency
● Reading Fiction: Understanding both the whole and the details in written English, in
different genres.

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