Gun Violence

Article Summary

Given insecurity context in the United States, one Mitch Smith digs deep into the issue of gun violence through his article, “Chicago Police and Federal Agents to Team Up on Gun Violence”. In his study, Smith provides a commentary on the subject matter notably in Chicago, pointing out Mr. Trump’s ideas about the gum problem. In accordance with Mr. Trump’, it’s stated that gun violence related deaths annually accounts for over hundreds of deaths in this city. Therefore, this issue should be given total undivided attention, in order to drive down the numbers. In approaching gun violence, the president further liaisons with crime alleviation specialty, such as the feds, to scrap out gun related crimes in Chicago city (Smith par.1; par.2; par.3).

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Gun Violence
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Despite the fact that Mr. Trump’s policies has Americans interest at heart; the execution received negative reception and skepticisms from the word go, from Chicago citizens (Smith par.6). That being said, it was alleged that the president’s initiatives was more for his benefits and less for the people. Their argument relied on the idea that no amount of looking-into would put right the alarming rates of gun violence (Smith par.10).

As Smith puts it in his research, crime records as at 2017 registered a decrease in gun violence cases in comparison with the previous year, following a number of strategies geared towards addressing such issues: the federal law enforcement agencies, A.T.F and local police teaming up to streamline security matter, control gun flow and ownership and ensuring that gun criminals own their crimes. As a writer, Smith supports his position against gun violence through this study by looking into the gun problem with elaborated techniques strategized to counter the problem.

Gun Violence, Implications and Preventive Strategies

United States emphasis on insecurity issues attaches meaning to the issue of gun violence. Such issues have been taking escalated levels over the years, thereby raising concerns. In a related research, Smith points a case to the Chicago gun violence problem and what the authorities are doing to reduce the chances of such concerns taking over the city. As at 2016, the number of gun violence deaths in Chicago had reached a level of concern in comparison with other cities in America.

According to his study, it’s stated that gun violence problem in Chicago not only affected the citizens’ welfares, but also attracted the president’s attention, who reacted promptly with mitigation strategies. As Smith highlights, Mr. Trump’s immediate reaction about the issue was his idea of resorting for assistance from what became the foremost permanent unit of Chicago crime gun strike force (Smith par.3). The team responsibilities were geared towards ensuring that all sorts of gun related crimes are driven down, as reported by A.T.F special agent Tim Jones (Smith par.4).

Coming in at the angle of securing the city from the tangled roots of gun violence, Mr. Trump had zero idea of hitting resistance head-on, according to his tweets. Smith portrays that the president’s policies was received with great skepticism by the residents of Chicago arguing that the enforcement of the new strategies did not guarantee change about the issue of gun crimes (6). Among the people who strongly opposed these policies were, Mayor Emanuel and democrat of Illinois- Mr. Davis. They found reasons to disapprove his policies with arguments that nothing substantial can be generated, in terms of upholding security.

Over all this loom of gun violence issue in Chicago, this study indicates clear-cut results concerning what the authority is doing to address the problem of gun related crimes and what has been achieved so far. This is inline with the fact that more firm gun regulations have been advocated to ensure that: gun ownership is controlled to a level lawful; criminals with the history of gun violence are prosecuted; A.T.F agents combined efforts with local police officers to address the problem. As a result, current reports have likened this year’s shootings to the previous year, depicting close to 200 tremendous decreases, hence a positive change. Further, it has been logically reasoned that the teaming of A.T.P agents, federal prosecutors and the local police officers guarantee promising results with regards to identifying and putting a stop to the streaming of guns without engaging the law(Smith par.16).


In the current insecurity climate, Chicago city has depicted rising levels of gun violence related cases. This is clearly brought out in this study. Deepening my awakening on the subject matter, I strongly second Smith’s study in accordance with what has been put forward to reduce gun violence in Chicago. The idea of paying close attention to the drivers of gun crimes and controlling the flow of guns to iron out illegalities is definitely the right way to go. Though forthcoming, these mitigation efforts are still facing some challenges, there are reasons that suggest that reducing and preventing gun violence requires more than what has been put in place, so as to achieve positive results.