Guidelines for Philosophy Research Essay Theme

The paper should focus on the philosophical contribution of an individual in the Western tradition. For this essay, choose an individual from Socrates to the 1950’s AD. Although some biographical information should be included at the beginning of the essay, it should not be the focus of the paper. Instead analyze one or at the most two of the individual’s major ideas/works and assess his/her contribution to the philosophical tradition and their impact today. Format: The essay should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Any clear 12-point font is acceptable. Include a cover page with your name, date and class information. A bibliography must be included in the essay. Use standard MLA formatting for the bibliography. The bibliography must have at least four sources one of which should be a book. Encyclopedias are not appropriate for college level work. Internet sources should provide a full URL in the body of the paper and a general URL on the bibliography page. All information and opinion, which does not come out of your own head, must be cited in the body of the essay. To do otherwise is plagiarism, which is rewarded with a zero. Use the standard MLA format for citations (i.e. Palmer 34). The essay should be formatted in MS Word or its equivalent with an electronic copy turned in to SafeAssign on Blackboard on the due date. As with any formal essay, spelling, grammar, and sentence construction should be carefully checked before the paper is turned in. Spell checkers are a marvelous modern convenience but they don’t always catch words that are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. So proofread. Five pages is required to cover your topic. If you need a little more room, feel free to take it, but keep in mind this assignment is not designed to be a 20-page research project. If you have further questions, please contact me for assistance.