Group Project Research Paper

Research and review 5 online platforms of our choice that could be used by a virtual team in a company (Exon Mobile) to communicate with their worldwide divisions. This would be a tool they could use in all parts of their operations.

We have created a rating sheet (attached to this order) that has criteria we use to rate each online platform. For this order, please write a 5 page paper to recommend whether or not the company should use these platforms. You will the attached rating sheets and your research to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. In the end, you should recommend one platform that would best meet the company�s needs based on your analysis.

Your paper should include a minimum of five sources. Please use APA format for all citations, quotations, and references.
Your paper should include an

ADDITIONAL one page executive memo addressed to the CEO of the company that summarizes your findings.

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