Group Decisions

1. Understand the pros and cons of individual and group decisions you will make in your career.

2. Learn to recognize the signs of groupthink and determine if it is happening to your workgroup.

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Group Decisions
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3. Be able to recognize and use a variety of tools in your decision-making processes.


When It Comes to Decision Making, Are Two Heads Better Than One?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Group decision making has the advantage of

drawing from the experiences and perspectives of a larger number of individuals. Hence, a group may

have the potential to be more creative and lead to more effective decisions. In fact, groups may sometimes

achieve results beyond what they could have done as individuals. Groups may also make the task more

enjoyable for the members. Finally, when the decision is made by a group rather than a single individual,

implementation of the decision will be easier, because group members will be more invested in the

decision. If the group is diverse, better decisions may be made, because different group members may

have different ideas based on their backgrounds and experiences. Research shows that for top

management teams, diverse groups that debate issues make decisions that are more comprehensive and

better for the bottom line. [1]