Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)

Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) are interactive computer-based systems that are able

to combine communication and decision technologies to help groups make better decisions.

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Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)
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Research shows that a GDSS can actually improve the output of groups’ collaborative work through

higher information sharing. [11] Organizations know that having effective

knowledge management systems to share information is important, and their spending reflects

this reality. Businesses invested $2.7 billion into new systems in 2002, and projections were for this

number to double every five years. As the popularity of these systems grows, they risk becoming

counterproductive. Humans can only process so many ideas and information at one time. As virtual

meetings grow larger, it is reasonable to assume that information overload can occur and good ideas

will fall through the cracks, essentially recreating a problem that the GDSS was intended to solve,

which is to make sure every idea is heard. Another problem is the system possibly becoming too

complicated. If the systems evolve to a point of uncomfortable complexity, it has recreated the

problem. Those who understand the interface will control the narrative of the discussion, while those

who are less savvy will only be along for the ride. [12] Lastly, many of these programs fail to take into

account the factor of human psychology. These systems could make employees more reluctant to

share information because of lack of control, lack of immediate feedback, or the fear of online