Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Research Paper is the cornerstone of a student’s
college experience. Writing a great research paper is not that
complicated, in particular when one selects a topic that a
researcher can find an abundance of sources to support their
effort. For this assignment, the topic that students need to
conduct research on is the so-called Great Pacific Garbage
Patch. There are many, many sources that are easily available
and easy to locate on and via the Web. And, as we all live on
the same planet, at least for the time being, this unfortunate
phenomenon is a concern for everyone and should be both an
interesting and enlightening research project.
The Assignment: Compose a 1000-word, 4-page research
paper. Try to keep it close to 1000 words, this is where editing
skills come into play. This is a 6-paragraph essay. This paper
does NOT NEED a thesis statement, rather, it is an informative
essay. Students may choose to have a thesis, though it is not
Students need to include Word Count on last page.
Sources need only be listed after the narrative and do not
need to be on a separate page.
Students may use either or both the 1st or 3rd person as one’s
opinions are welcomed in this assignment.
Try to keep the 4 Body Paragraphs relatively close in size.
• The research paper must contain the following:
o Introductory Paragraph:
§ Briefly introduce The Great Pacific Garbage
Patch and the main points in the 4 Body
o Body Paragraph 1: How and when the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch was formed and give examples of
some of the human made materials that comprise it
o Body Paragraph 2: Where it is located, why it is
located at this spot, which countries contribute to it
as well as the emergence of other garbage patches
around the world
o Body Paragraph 3: Examples of the environmental
impacts of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on the
environment, including animal life
o Body Paragraph 4: What is being done, and by whom,
to deal with the clean up
o Conclusion Paragraph:
§ Briefly summarize the main points from the Body
Paragraphs and offer a concluding statement on
YOUR OPINION as to “how well we humans are
doing at cleaning up this mess”.
• You can any sources you wish and any assortment therein:
websites, documentary films, television, books,
newspapers, journals, magazines.
• There is a minimum of 3 sources.
• No separate title page
o Title of the paper: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
§ Students may add onto the title, such as: The Great
Pacific Garbage Patch: Yet another example of
Human Waste Materials impacting the Earth
• Students are required to stay with the 6-paragraph
• Papers are graded on the quality of writing and accuracy of
formatting (do not stray from the 6-paragraph format)
The Good Essay Writing text components that are of particular
value to this assignment are:
Chapter 6, Section 6:2 – Formulating an Argument
Chapter 7: Writing Introductions
Chapter 8: Writing the Main Section
Chapter 9: Writing Conclusions

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