Government’s Role with the internet

Term Paper Outline Example:

  • Title Page: Create a page separate from the rest of the paper, including the title of the paper, your name, institution name, the course name/section, the instructor’s name, and the date.
  • Table of Content: Optional but preferred
  • Introduction: this is the overall purpose or term paper statement. It is used to acquaint anyone reading the paper with the argument being explored.
  • Body: This section is typically divided into multiple headings and subheadings, each linked with various components of the topic.
    • Heading One: History of the argument
    • Heading Two: Extent of the problem being explored
    • Heading Three: Effects of the problem being explored
    • Heading Four: Potential solutions
  • Conclusion: Summary of all of the points made and a response to the term paper statement
  • Reference List: Must follow APA 7th Format, and that includes in-text citations.

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Government’s Role with the internet
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