Government Class

Please do not make it too advanced. Government Class
1. Review Choice Architecture: Improving Choice While Preserving Liberty? by Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby (Links to an external site.). Please download the PDF document to read it.
2. Read the article To Nudge or Not to Nudge by Daniel M. Hausman and Brynn WelchLinks to an external site., The Journal of Political Philosophy.
3. Read the article at, The Case Against Libertarian Paternalism by Anthony Randazzo (April 23, 2013) (Links to an external site.)
4. Write a one-page response on your argument for or against the expanding practice of choice architects toward “nudgeocracy,” or libertarian paternalism. Include in your response the human behaviors of Anchoring, the Bandwagon Effect, and the Default Option.
5. Consult How to Write a One-page Response to help draft your response to this assignment.

How to Write a One‐Page Response
NOTE: There is no reason to have a heading
Thesis Statement – This should be a one‐sentence statement of the position you take on the
question or the argument you intend to make. This statement should specifically lay out what you
intend to prove in your response. It should not be a vague generalization.
First paragraph begins with a topic sentence that exactly corresponds to the first point you are
trying to prove as stated in your thesis statement. Then, you present facts, details, and evidence to
prove your point or analysis. The paragraph should end with a good transition sentence.
Subsequent paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that corresponds to the second, third,
etc. points you make in your thesis statement, corresponding exactly to the order in which you
state them in your thesis statement. In each paragraph, present facts, details, and evidence in
support of your argument. Each paragraph ends with a transition sentence.
Conclusion – This is where you restate your thesis and review the main points.
NOTE: Organization, flow, structure, grammar, and spelling checks are important.

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Government Class
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