Goals in Studying Ethics in Engineering

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Goals in Studying Ethics in Engineering
In this module we identify five major goals in studying ethics in engineering. These were
first articulated in 1980 by a team of educators from colleges and universities across the
United States who met at the Hastings Center in New York City. But they are as relevant
today as they were then. In response to the rapid growth of courses in practical and
professional ethics, these educators, representing a variety of disciplines in higher education,
met to discuss what should be the teaching objectives in courses in practical and professional
ethics. A consensus formed that, regardless of the specific disciplinary focus of such courses
(e.g., business, engineering, medicine, psychology, social work), they should endeavor to:
1. Stimulate the moral imagination of students
2. Help students recognize moral issues
3. Help students analyze key moral principles and ideas
4. Engage students’ sense of responsibility
5. Help students learn to tolerate and deal effectively with moral ambiguity and
Later in this module we will provide examples to explain what each of these goals means in
the context of engineering. First, however, we will present two widely discussed cases that
illustrate how ethics can come into play in engineering practice

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Goals in Studying Ethics in Engineering
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