Global Warming

This paper should examine the global warming as a problem, or issue, from a multitude of social perspectives. It asks to craft an essay that maps stakeholders’ positions in order to show the complexity of an issue or controversy—and why that complexity is significant. Consider that a stakeholder is anyone with a particular interest in the matter at hand. Different stakeholders come to the issue from different perspectives; likewise, what they’re trying to protect is likely different, as are their reasons for getting involved.


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Rather than arguing a position, you will demonstrate your understanding of the various perspectives on the issue and what’s at stake for each of them, so that your audience can make an informed decision moving forward. So rather than arguing a position, you will be examining how different related themes vary across multiple points of view.

Criteria :

  • Introduction/background on the issue
  • Clear/defined open question
  • Equal attention to all sources/perspectives (listening)
  • Consideration for each position/stake in relation to the issue
  • Examination of the rhetorical situation across the articles
  • Recognition/analysis of key themes across the text
  • Identification and ANALYSIS of appeals used by authors
  • Textual evidence/direct quotes to support the analysis
  • Illustration of the significance of the overall conversation

Format & Conventions

  • Correct in-text citations (MLA Version 8). Cite all paraphrased and direct quotations.
  • 5 sources used/include works cited (MLA Version 8)
  • Final paper 6 pages

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