1-What is this Gestalt Therapy theory’s view of human nature, and what are the basic assumptions underlying the approach?

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2-What primary characteristics distinguish this Gestalt Therapy approach?  What are the major areas of focus and emphasis with this approach?  What are the fundamental ideas?



3-What are the therapeutic goals of this Gestalt Therapy theory?

4-What is the function and role of the therapist for this counseling Gestalt Therapy approach?

5-What is the client’s role in the therapeutic process for this Gestalt Therapy approach?  What is expected of the client?  What does the client do?

6-What is the nature of the relationship between the client and the therapist for this Gestalt Therapy approach?

7-What are the major techniques and methods used for Gestalt Therapy?

8-Where is the Gestalt Therapy approach most applicable?  To what type of client?  To what type of problem?  In what setting?  How would this approach work in counseling clients from various cultures?

9-What is your evaluation of this Gestalt Therapy approach?  What are the limitations?  What are the unique contributions?  What would you like to incorporate in your own counseling style?  Why?  What would you not incorporate and why?

10-After viewing the below video on Gestalt therapy provide any additional insights you gained about the theory:


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