Gang/Gun Violence in Toronto

Develop a qualitative research proposal that would be suitable as
the basis for a research essay. The proposal must make clear who or what you will be
studying, where and when the research will take place, and how you will conduct the research
(specific research method). It will also address why you chose this research problem (the so what factor). The proposal must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words (double-spaced) not including references.

Your research proposal must include:
a) Relevant Research Project Title
b) Statement of Research Problem (maximum 250 words). Explain briefly the research
problem and then elaborate in greater detail why you chose it and its significance.
c) Research Questions and Choice of Sites (maximum 250 words). Refine your research
problem into one-two specific qualitative research questions. Identify, specifically, where,
when, and who you want to study. Then explain how and why you made these choices.
d) Research Design (maximum 500 words). Explain in detail how you intend to collect
information related to your research questions. Specifically, describe who and how you will
sample. Identify the method(s) you propose to use (e.g., interviews, observation, ethnography
or inobtrusive methods) and how you will gain access. Explain why you made these decisions.
e) Literature Review (500-750 words). Present a brief literature review that places your topic
within the wider academic literature. Indicate how your research questions and choice of
subjects and sites are informed by this literature. Choose 4 scholarly articles or scholarly book
chapters that relate to your research topic.
Remember, a literature review is NOT simply an annotated bibliography.
f) Research Ethics (maximum 250 words). Identify at two types of harm that this research may
pose, describe them in detail, and detail how you will address them in your research design.
g) References. Properly reference all materials you cited in your proposal (APA style).
• Write in full grammatically correct sentences (point form is not permitted).
• Font: Times New Roman 12, Double-spaced
• Use a separate title page. Type your full name, student number, tutorial number and tutorial
leader at the top of the title page
• Page numbers top right-hand corners

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Gang/Gun Violence in Toronto
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Police/Government reports (e.g., StatsCan or police report) don’t count as scholarly
sources. You may include government reports but not as your four scholarly sources.
• Write the proposal using the sub-headers outlined above.
• Consult the resources sheet on Moodle for tips on writing research questions and literature
• Cite your references fully using APA (see course outline)
• Don’t cite course lectures, instead cite the course readings unless I am providing information
not contained in the course readings.

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