Game theory

First 12 questions only. need done shortly. Won’t take long.


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Game theory
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Answer the following questions, and upload your answers to Canvas.  Please type the answers that use words.  You may draw the games by hand and insert pictures into the correct place in your answer document.


Rules:  This is a take home, open-note exam.  The specific rules are as follows:

  • You may access any of your notes and any class material. This includes the textbook, course videos, problem sets, and problem set answer keys.
  • Do not search for help on the internet or use other sources outside of the class material
  • Do not discuss the exam with anyone except me. You may ask me any clarifying questions, and I will do my best to answer.
  • Violations of these rules will be considered cheating and a violation of the CU honor code, and dealt with accordingly.
  • Technically, the exam is due at midnight, Friday September 24. I am generally willing to grant extensions as needed, but you must let me know that you need an extension.