Gaining Participant Feedback

You might decide to ask for feedback at the end of the meeting, as at this point the thoughts of

participants will be fresh and you will be able to gain responses from everyone. However, you ought to

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Gaining Participant Feedback
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consider the most appropriate method for gaining feedback and the aspects that you would like

responses on. You could ask people to provide a verbal response of how they felt the meeting went and

what they have taken from the meeting. Alternatively, you could create and hand out a feedback form,

as this could result in more detailed and honest responses, particularly when participants are not part of

the same work team or have not met each other in the past.

Further methods of receiving comments after a meeting include:

➢ Through an online workplace forum

➢ Through email

➢ Introducing a feedback box

➢ Speaking with participants individually.

Once all responses have been gained, you might decide to summarise the opinions of participants and

assess what they have gained from the meeting. This will help you in deciding whether the transcribed

notes are a true and accurate record of the meeting. Additionally, people may provide comments that

they forgot or were unwilling to bring forward during the meeting, which nonetheless could prove

valuable in terms of meeting the required outcomes.