Full Review of a Recent IPO

Select a company that has gone public in the last 5 years on an organized exchange anywhere in the world. Download the file below and fill in your responses to each of the questions as well as a bibliography at the bottom. (Be sure to reference these sources in the body of the paper as well). Use double spacing. When finished, upload that same file through the Assignment link (do not create a new file).

File for Students to use for Case 2Preview the document

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Full Review of a Recent IPO
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You should be able to find all, or most of the information needed for this case. However, if you just can’t find information on a particular issue, include a note to that effect so I’ll know you didn’t just overlook it.

Hint: Begin your information search in the IPO Prospectus or Form S1 (Registration statement) filed with the SEC/Edgar.

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