Four-Lane Undivided Multilane Highway

1. A four-lane undivided multilane highway (two lanes in each direction) has 11-ft lanes and 5-ft shoulders. At one point along the highway, there is a 4% upgrade that is 0.62 mi long. There are 15 access points along this grade. The peak-hour traffic volume is 2340 vehicles, with 10% single-unit trucks and 10% tractor-trailer trucks, and 620 of these vehicles arrive in the most congested 15-min period. The posted speed limit is 60 mi/h. To improve the LOS, the local transportation agency is considering reducing the number of access points by blocking some driveways and rerouting their traffic. How many of the 15 access points must be blocked to achieve LOS C?


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Four-Lane Undivided Multilane Highway
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2.A multilane highway, with three lanes in each direction, operates at maximum level of service D conditions during the peak hour with an observed speed of 48.0 mi/h (with 3690 veh/h observed). The highway is on rolling terrain and the traffic stream

consists of cars and some percentage of heavy vehicles. The peak-hour factor is 0.85. If heavy vehicles were banned from the highway and car traffic remained the same, what would be the LOS?