Foundations of Information Systems

Task Instructions
1. During Module 1 – 5, you were ask to produce a weekly journal to record your learnings each
week. Based on these weekly journals, please write a 1500 word reflective report about your
2. You are required to follow the four steps of Kolb’s learning cycle when writing the reflective
You will keep a learning journal throughout the trimester. Each week as you complete the learning
activities you record your experience in spreadsheet or word document.
A suggested format for the learning journal is as follows:
Date Learning Activity Impact (what it means to
Evidence (attach record of activity).
This might be a set of slides, word
document or pictures of work you
have completed in class
For each day in your learning journey, write the date and then the learning activity you engaged in.
Detail what impact the learning had on you and then include any evidence you might like to keep for
use later on. This journal should be appended to this assessment when you submit it.
(source: Kolb DA 1984, Experiential Learning experience as a source of learning and development, Prentice Hall,
New Jersey.)

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Foundations of Information Systems
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