Formulation of Advanced Matching Problems

Learning Goal: I’m working on a mysql question and need guidance to help me learn.

Assignment 4 – provides experience with the formulation of advanced matching problems involving the outer join operator, difference operator, and nested queries in Chapter 9. Assignment 4 also contains problems involving the CREATE VIEW statement and SELECT statements that use views from Chapter 10. You should use the populated tables from assignment (I can send it to you).

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Formulation of Advanced Matching Problems
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To facilitate grading, please number the SQL statements and format them neatly. Show the SQL statement for each problem. Each SQL statement should be in text format so that it can be copied to the Query Editor. Generate a screen snapshot for each statement to demonstrate execution. The snapshot should show some or all rows. All statements and snapshots should be in a single file. Name your file as “LastNameFirstNameA4.docx” where LastName and FirstName are your last and first name, respectively.

I will upload the multiple-choice questions later