Formal Technical Report

Formal Technical Report
Due by 4:00 pm Wednesday, August 10th

Research and write a formal technical report (suggested length is 7-10 pages; single spacing) based on the principals outlined in Chapter 12, Formal Reports. The length of the report may seem a bit long, but remember that you can also include graphics, tables and other visual features. Also, utilizing a proper design strategy (headings, subheads and chunks) will help space your content appropriately.

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Formal Technical Report
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In line with the format of formal technical reports, students are expected to incorporate a title page, a table of contents, and proper use of references (be sure to consult Appendix B Documenting Sources, in the book.)

The subject and type of formal technical report that you decide to pursue is your choice (but please make sure you choose something sufficient for the required length). Keep in mind, that although a formal technical report looks very different from an informal report, the contents can be exactly the same. This means that your formal technical report can be an IMRD report, a brief analytical report, a background/conceptual report, or a brief feasibility/recommendation report. Formal technical reports can also be utilized to present the results of research.

Please read and consult Chapter 12 closely to get an idea for the structure, presentation and elements of a formal technical report. Examples are also available in the chapter.

For the final exercise (which will be due by 5:00 pm August 2nd), you will create an outline of your proposed report including a paragraph-length synopsis that provides an overview of the subject you plan to cover. If you wish, you can also indicate what type of report format you plan to use.

In writing your report remember to:
• Include a title page, table of contents, a summary, and an introduction.
• Provide a purpose statement, scope statement, procedure statement, and brief problem (or background) statement in your introduction.
• Incorporate a consistent visual presentation and a logical design strategy.

As you finalize and edit your formal technical report, consider:
• The strategies for performing structural-level revisions (see the “Structure Level Revision” essay posted in the week 5 module).
• The guidelines from my “Editing: a critical process” essay posted in the week 2 module.

Lastly, remember to:
• Know your reader.
• Know your objective.
• Be simple, direct, and concise.