Forensic Science

Forensic science begins at the crime scene. Based on the Locard principle, even the actions of the Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) may be destructive to evidence found at the scene. It is imperative that the actions of the CSI mitigate damaging the evidence as much as possible during collection, field processing, and packaging of the items seized as evidence. Obtaining the evidence as close to its original condition when found should be the goal of the CSI.

Discuss the following in your main post:

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Forensic Science
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  • What is the responsibility of a Crime Scene Command Center? Who mans the center?
  • What is the best procedure to follow when a nighttime crime scene is too dark to search properly? What steps should an investigator take if circumstances do not permit this procedure?
  • The third walkthrough of the crime scene is considered the final survey of the crime scene. Who does the third walkthrough/final survey, and what are they looking for?