For thematic analysis, cluster your patterns to develop themes (generic qualitative inquiry)

1 In the previous discussion, you extracted patterns by clustering meaning units together. For this discussion, include again all patterns from the previous discussion supported by meaning units, and write a one-paragraph description for every pattern in GQI and case study, a one-paragraph description for every focused code in grounded theory, or a one-paragraph description for every textural description in phenomenology.

2 For this discussion, using your chosen research method and the data collected from your virtual interviews with your fellow learners, complete your analysis of your data.  For thematic analysis, cluster your patterns to develop themes (generic qualitative inquiry)

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For thematic analysis, cluster your patterns to develop themes (generic qualitative inquiry)
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Characteristics of an effective online teacher would be thorough communication, regular availability to answer questions or go over work, constructive feedback on assignments, and open to new ideas or challenges brought by students to the class. (Effective communicator and adaptable)

I believe other learners would describe similar characteristics. I do not believe their answers would be much different from mine at all. (Effective communicator and adaptable)

The characteristics of an effective online teacher I’ve had in college that stood out to me were ones who had good communication, thoughtful feedback, leniency with personal challenges, and open-mindedness to my ideas on assignments. (Good communicator and empathetic)

Codes ( Effective or good communicator, adaptable, and empathetic)


I believe that an effective online instructor should be attentive, understanding, flexible, easily accessible, and very thorough with assignment instructions/course requirements. (Approachable and experienced)

The teacher was more involved and present for collaboration, feedback, and support. (Approachable and understanding)

Codes  (Approachable, experienced and understanding)

emotional intelligence

I believe that other learners should describe the effectiveness of online instructors in a way that resonates with their individual preference, experience, and priorities. (Adaptable)

Understanding is a vital characteristic for me. When an online instructor is able to empathize with the student and their individual challenges, it really stands out for me. (Should have emotional intelligence)

An effective online instructor is different than an ineffective one by their ability to aid the student in maximizing their knowledge and retention in the course. (Understanding of students’ needs)

Flexible, understanding, thorough, attentive, and experienced in their respective field. (Knowledgeable and engaging)

thoughtful, understanding, present, encouraging, and edifying. (Emotional intelligence and experienced)

codes  (Adaptable, Emotional intelligence, Knowledgeable, engaging, experienced and understanding)