Foodborne Illness

This week we are going to utilize a teaching game from the CDC and share your own results here. First, please take a moment to view this video from the CDC, titled: CDC in Action: Foodborne Outbreaks

Please begin by visiting the CDC’s “Solve the Outbreak” launch page:

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Foodborne Illness
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You can download this game to a mobile device or play it on its own webpage:

Please choose one of the outbreaks (unless you play around for a while you will have to choose from Level 1) and work through the scenario. (Please try to choose different outbreaks – you should title your post with the name of the outbreak you have chosen)

Once you have worked through the “mission”, please begin your thread and share your results. What surprised you about the scenario? Did you have thoughts/ideas other than the actual cause at the beginning of the scenario? Did the scenario walk-through suggest investigating things you had not thought about?

Please share your thoughts about the scenario and whether or not it helped you to think critically about investigating the outbreak.

After working through this scenario, do you have a deeper understanding about the challenges officials face when investigating a foodborne illness (or other type of illness) outbreak?