Food Science, Systems and Policy

Part A: Using the template provided, present three key arguments that you will use in your
persuasive essay in Part B. Students are asked to continue writing their essay for Part B
following Part A essay plan submission.
Briefly describe the context of your three arguments you plan to use in your essay that
argues either for OR against one of the following questions:
– Are biodynamic farming practices better for food security than conventional farming?
– Should a junk food tax be introduced in Australia?
– Is food fortification positive for the health of Australians?
– Should the Health Star Rating front-of-pack labelling be mandatory for all packaged
food in Australia?
Referencing Requirements:
 Apply appropriate reference standards (when referring to your key resources) in line
with the APA referencing system.
 Please see more information on referencing here:
 Information may be sourced from primary, secondary and tertiary sources:
o Primary sources: original research articles, systematic reviews and meta analysis from high quality journals, peer reviewed journals.
o Secondary sources: general review articles, summaries, abstracts of primary
source articles.
o Tertiary sources: recognised, authoritative textbooks.
 Use 100 words (+/-10%) per presented argument (300 (+/-10%) words in total).

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