Focused Note Template

Use the Focused SOAP Note Template found in the Learning Resources for this week to complete this Assignment.

· Select a patient that you examined during the last three weeks. With this patient in mind, address the following in your Focused Note Template.

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Focused Note Template
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· Subjective: What details did the patient provide regarding her personal and medical history?

· Objective: What observations did you make during the physical assessment?

· Assessment: What were your differential diagnoses? Provide a minimum of three possible diagnoses. List them from highest priority to lowest priority. What was your primary diagnosis and why?

· Plan: What was your plan for diagnostics and primary diagnosis? What was your plan for treatment and management, including alternative therapies? Include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments, alternative therapies, and follow-up parameters, as well as a rationale for this treatment and management plan.

· Reflection notes: What would you do differently in a similar patient evaluation?

Patient is 24 year old female who comes in complaining of itching , gray vaginal discharge, it is thick and looks like cottage cheese . Symptoms started one week ago. No fever . No past medical history.