Fitbt is one of the best activity trackers that have been introduced to date. It has been reported that almost 21 million units of Fitbit had been sold the very year it was introduced, which is in 2016. The Fitbit is not a new product, yet a lot of marketing strategies are being adopted to make it much more popular among customers especially the youth. In this period of Pandemic, where immunity and a healthy lifestyle are considered to be important, and people are continuously trying to adapt to a much more healthy lifestyle, Fitbit has been one of the best devices that have helped them to keep a track of their physical activities (Edwards, 2021).

The 4p of the marketing mix that has been adopted by Fitbit for its marketing are:

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Product- The product is no doubt good as it helps in keeping track of the physical activities that have been undertaken by the wearer and has targeted the fitness freaks with its exceptional features. The product has been quite useful in keeping a trap of the heartbeat of the wearer that can immediately notify them when there is an irregular movement in their heartbeat (Owens & Cribb, 2019).

Promotion– The product has been able to gain a lot of recognition in the market especially true word-of-mouth and references. Fitbit promotes its product with a positive approach towards a healthy life and tracks blood pressure, SpO2 as well. They also collaborated with several personalities to carry out social media campaigns and raise awareness towards a healthy life, which is also an excellent idea for attracting customers (Edney et al., 2018).

Place– Place or distribution channel is a process through which Fitbit wellness can make sure that its product can reach out to wider customers. Those who are interested in Fitbit will be able to get hold of the product not only on an online platform but also offline.

Price-The price of the Fitbit product is neither too high nor too low. The price of the product is set in such a way that it helps cover up the overall cost of production and ensuring that it can gain a competitive strategy through its dynamic pricing policies and strategies (Malhotra, 2020). The value-based pricing strategy that has been adopted by the company is based on the value that is perceived by the customers of Fitbit.