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Give an example of a time when you felt the need to speak up about a situation on the fireground that did not look or feel right but did not. Why did you not speak up? Would you speak up if the situation occurred again?

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Due to the fact that I do not have a fire background I can not answer this question from that aspect, I however have a background in patient care so I will answer it from that aspect.

When I first became a dental assistant I was a contractor for the Navy and worked on base. Working for the military vs working in private practice is very different. When I worked on base we were told what to do and expected to just do it without any issues as if we were active duty too. There were times that I felt like patients were not always getting the quality of care that they deserved, which didn’t sit well with me. At that time I did not say anything or ask questions because I did not want to have any issues. Now that I am more seasoned I will ask questions and I have no issue speaking up because everyone deserves the highest quality of care