Fired Projectiles

1. You are a firearms examiner testifying in court. Explain to the court how it is possible to trace fired evidence back to a particular revolver. How would your explanation differ for a pistol or a shotgun?

2. In the Sacco and Vanzetti case, would proper chain of custody have helped?

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Fired Projectiles
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3. Do you think that cartridge cases from a revolver will pick up individual characteristics from the breech face like those in a semiautomatic pistol? How about ejector and extractor markings?

4. You have three fired projectiles and four cartridge cases from a crime scene. How would you package them?

5. You have gotten a hit in the NIBIN database indicating that a bullet from your case matches a gun from another crime. Can you send out the report stating the match with this information? What would be the next steps?