Find song lyrics or a poem written

Let’s bring some voices of the oppressed into our curriculum in this discussion. First, read the chapter. Read the poem by Langston Hughes. The Weary Blues.jpg.pdf The Weary Blues.jpg.pdf – Alternative Formats Listen the song called, Winter in America by Brian Jackson and Gil Scot-Heron. the poem by Gail Tremblay, Indian Singing in 20th Century America.  Singing Indian  Read Talking Back to Columbus  – Teaching for Justice and Hope by Bill Bigelow  Talking Back to Columbus Now, hopefully those works motivated and enlightened you.

  • Find song lyrics or a poem written by a person from a culture that has been oppressed anywhere in the world.
  • Post it in discussion #2 (5 points)
  • Write why you like the poem or song. Now go read other posts and comment on two classmates’ posts. (5 points)

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Find song lyrics or a poem written
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