Financial Statement Analysis Framework

Financial Statement Analysis Framework

Continuing with assignment 1 analysis report, use the same company your group has chosen to complete the remaining steps of the Financial Statement Analysis Framework. The remaining steps include:

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Financial Statement Analysis Framework
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1. Processing data: Using information you’ve collected in the previous step (collect data), begin processing the data using appropriate analytical tools.

a. Prepare appropriate financial ratios. b. Prepare common-size income statement and balance sheet. c. Compare company’s financial ratios and common size statements to key

competitors in same industry.  2. Analyse/interpret the processed data:

a. Evaluate consolidated financial statements. b. Interpret the results generated from previous step (Processing data).

3. Develop and communicate conclusions and recommendations: a. Answer questions listed in assignment 1.  b. Inform client of all possible investment risks and analysis limitations. (1 mark) c. Give the client a clear recommendation of investment decision.

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