Financial Management For Banks Assignment

1.use harvard referencing

2.Literature review based on highly-recognized academic journals. You should demonstrate your capability in reading and research beyond the material provided (I will send links of the given materials to you later) . A minimum of 8 references from high-quality academic journals is expected . In addition, referring to respected financial media (e.g. The Economist, Financial Times) and international news agencies (e.g. Reuters, Bloomberg) is also relevant to build a critical and up-to-date review of the recent developments.

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Financial Management For Banks Assignment
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3.Graphs, data and tables will positively contribute to presenting your critical review (the maximum

number of graphs/tables/figures is 4).

4.The essay should include adequate in-text citations of papers and various sources of information, with full

details reported in a list of references at the end of your document (organised alphabetically). The reference

list should not be included in the word count.

5.Word limit: 2,000 +/- 10% (approx. 6 pages A4, 1.5 line spacing, 12 point font). You must state the word count on the cover page of your work.

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