Final Project Part 1- Facial Recognition

A new and emerging technology that is becoming more popular in this new digital era is Facial recognition. This technology has the ability to recognize an individual by scanning their unique facial features. Facial recognition is being used in so many different sectors of the world. It can be used for the purpose of surveillance or marketing. It’s use has also been seen in Airports, social media, smartphones and other devices. According to a recent article by Norton, facial recognition is predicted to grow to $7.7 billion by 2022.

The way facial recognition works can be an eye opener and shows how far technology has progressed. After scanning the facial details, this technology is able to analyze and compare the details with the ones on file. Variations in pixel count allows the system to identify and differentiate between various shapes and objects. Geometry and algorithms help guide this process of facial recognition. There are many things that are looked at such as distance between eyes, nose, or length and shape of specific bones on the face. More detailed look using 3D sensors would provide in depth analyzes of an individual’s face. All these steps and techniques help generate our facial signature.

While this technology has made a more convenient way of identifying someone, it also can bring forth certain ethical questions. Deontologist believe that there is a basic right and duty each and every individual has and that duty must be fulfilled. Government use this technology to recognize threat and help protect people thus making this acceptable to someone with Kant’s views. Others would argue that this highly is against someone’s right to privacy since this can be used without someone’s consent. A consequentialist, who believes the greatest good for greatest number of people, would agree this technology is beneficial even though it may invade privacy of few. Overall, it is causing largest amount of net positive impact.

Every new and emerging technology can has it’s share of pros and cons. In order to gain the good, some fraction of bad should also be dealt with. Facial recognition is thriving in this digital era but also adds to the ethical complications of this modern world.



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