Feminist criticism of a film of PRETTY WOMEN

You are to present/write/create a Feminist Criticism of a Film of your choice (suggestions will be
provided) in which you respond thoroughly to THREE of the four questions:
1. What does the relationship between men and women look like in this film? What about their
power dynamics?
2. How does this film define what’s masculine and feminine?
3. What does this film suggest about the capacity for women to be creative, autonomous, etc.?
4. Do characters take on the traits of the opposite gender? How are they treated as a result?
Each of your responses must include 2-3 examples from the movie that support your criticism. These
examples must be introduced, cited/described/presented (depending on what format you choose for
this assignment), and then analysed in support of your arguments.
In your responses (one or more), you must identify at least three of the following techniques used in the
film that we have explored so far in the course. You must comment on HOW they are used in the film in
support of your critique. Note: you don’t need to comment on these in EVERY response. You just need
to make sure you discuss three of them at some point throughout your project.
● Extreme Close-Up
● Close-Up
● Medium Shot
● Full Shot
● Long Shot
● Extreme long shot
● Eye-Level Shot
● Low Angle Shot
● High Angle Shot
● Bird’s Eye Shot
● Worm’s Eye Shot
● Dutch Tilt
● Two Shot
● Three Shot
● Over-the-Shoulder
● Reaction Shot
● Point-of-View Shot
● Establishing Shot

● Insert Shot
● Crane shot
● Aerial shot

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Feminist criticism of a film of PRETTY WOMEN
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An analytical essay (this should roughly follow the standard format you are accustomed to
writing in an English class – it must include an introduction, 3 body paragraphs (each one
revolving around a different question).

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