Federal Policy In Reference To Native American Religious and Cultural Practice

Please view Professor Helton’s video lectures and read the designated pages of each article before completing the Unit 2 Discussion. The articles need to be integrated into this response. Professor Valencia-Weber is quoted in the Dussais article that Indian law history “provides more than context: because of the discernible impact of past events, it is an important element in Indians’ everyday life and an unavoidable component in litigation.” (Valencia-Weber, in Dussais, 1997, p. 775).


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Federal Policy In Reference To Native American Religious and Cultural Practice
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With Valencia-Weber’s comments in mind, discuss two to three aspects from the other required articles in this unit regarding the history of federal policy in reference to Native American religious and cultural practice and first amendment jurisprudence and legislation about free exercise claims and the establishment clause that may have the greatest impact on cultural and religious practices for Native Americans or tribal communities.



What insights do you now have that you did not have before? When you reply to your peers’ posts, please comment on additional thoughts, insights, or questions you have concerning their views on the impact these events have on tribal communities or Native Americans. Make sure each post is substantive. See the announcement about this discussion. Read it carefully. Be sure to use the required articles along with the Dussais articles as sources. Also, integrate specific cases as evidence.

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