Family Values

“Families pass learned behaviors and experiences, or cultural heritage, from generation to generation. Drawing from the worldview framework, the values held by cultural groups are expressed in unique patterns through the formation and perpetuation of family units. Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck (1961) propose that the three primary cultural expressions of group membership are lineal, collaborative, and individualistic. Family units within these cultural groups reflect the orientation of the larger social group. For instance, Native American families reflect stronger linear relationships, often defining family membership based on a clan or group of related families. However, few cultural groups will fit neatly into any one of the three orientations. Although many Native Americans may have a more developed awareness of their tribal membership (lineal), the basic functions of these tribes have historically been collaborative in nature.


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Family Values
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  1. In some cultures, ancestry is very important, and multiple generations of a family may live in the same dwelling. How much do you know about your own family’s cultural heritage? What are some of your family’s values? [Reference: Core Values Sheet] – 10 points
  2. What are some of the values and beliefs that were passed down to you that you subscribe to? What values do you disagree with if any?  –10 points
  3. What lessons have you learned about managing resources based on the material for this module? Including PP (video)? –10 points