Falls are inevitable in old age

Falls are inevitable in old age
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Academic poster
Word length (equivalent 1000 words)

-Purpose of assessment task 1

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Falls are inevitable in old age
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There are many assumptions, stereotypes and myths regarding the older person that are known to affect the way older patients and aged care residents are viewed by nurses, potentially limiting the quality of supportive care that nurses provide. The purpose of this assessment is to examine attitudes and issues surrounding ageing in a contemporary society.
-Assignment question:?

Develop a poster focused on the myth of ageing related to specific gerontological syndromes (see poster content). The focus of the poster is to be on the nurse’s role in dispelling the selected myth. The poster must include evidenced based strategies to minimise the impact of the myth on quality and safe patient care.
-Poster Content:?

1. Write out the following: the myth is Falls are inevitable in old age
I want you to argue against Falls are inevitable in old age as “Falls are NOT inevitable in old age”

2. Access relevant contemporary 10 literatures. References should mainly include peer reviewed journal articles and ideally be no more than eight years old. Information from professional websites may also be used in addition to the 10 literatures.
3. Describe how this myth might affect the wellbeing of the older person and the care they receive. ?
4. Synthesise evidence in order to dispel this myth. ?
5. Provide guidelines or best practice evidence to direct appropriate nursing care of the older person who is receiving healthcare. ?
6. Read the marking rubric for information about the concepts, performance standards and marks distribution for the poster. ?
Poster Design
2. The poster is to be presented on A3 sized paper in PowerPoint program , using the template provided ?
3. Each poster is to be accompanied by one appendix including a reference list (Appendix 1) ?
3. Acknowledge sources and adhere to referencing conventions as per APA Style.
4. Reference sources (citations) should occur in very small 8 pt font on the poster itself. ?