Explanatory Essay

Explanatory Essay Assignment Sheet

Explanatory Essay Submission Requirements:

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Explanatory Essay
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  • You must clearly answer the prompt
  • Refer to the Ultimate Writing Process Packet for lecture and support.
  • Meet requirements for the grade sought.
  • Must use the MLA format. Please refer to your MLA reference sheet or visit owlpurdue.edu site for basic formatting procedure

Explanatory Essay SUPPORT Requirements:

Personal Responsibility- As an educated participant, obtaining knowledge is your responsibility, your quest. This responsibility requires that you immerse yourself in the events of the time as well as challenge yourself to get a handle on the foundational information in order to have productive conversation and clear and logical thoughts.

Foundational Sources

Suggestions for news mediums: USA Today, The Huffington Post, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Fox, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Headline News, The BBC are just a few. Remember to be a good evaluator of these mediums. Fact checking and getting information from a variety is expected.

When I say “support”, I mean the information that you will use to meet your “example” requirements.  This support provides the information to “back up” point(s) you are trying to make.  The support you will use will come from all of these resources: See www.owlpurdue.edu/intextcitations  to help incorporate sources as well as see attachment- Incorporating Sources.

  • Outside Sources
  • Up to five quotes. Quotes and may not be more than two lines.

When using any of these resources as support, you must use the MLA in text-citation method to give proper credit to the resource.  Because you have used those resources, you must end your paper with a work cited page of its own, also illustrated at the www.owlpurdue.edu site.

Thinking about the Prompt:

What are human rights? What are civil rights? Was this nation created to serve the truest concept of diversification (how old is that language)? What in the constitution and the reality of the nation represented the same idea? Does making America great again ever involve the idea of you in mind? Can you explain that? Do you think you should actively educate yourself on the issues at hand, or do you think it is acceptable to be a passive citizen?

Explanatory Essay Writing Prompt

Choose one of the following:

Prompt for C Grade:

In a 2 ½ page essay with no sources, explain your responsibility as a citizen in the United States and why.

Prompt for grades B and up:

In a 3 ½-4 page essay with a minimum of 3 sources and only 4-5 quotes. (Quotes may not be more than two lines), explain the responsibility of a citizen and how that responsibility impacts the future of a society?


Submit only the final essay with proper MLA format.

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