Explain the time intensity model?

The time intensity model shows the stages an individual goes through within the challenging behaviour cycle.

The stages are as follows,

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Explain the time intensity model?
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Calm, where an individual is there usual self, going about their day.

Trigger, this is the starting point of the challenging side to the behaviour, the reason the behaviour begins.

Agitation, a reaction to the trigger where emotions and memories of an event are brought into focus.

Acceleration, this is where the actions of challenging behaviour begin to take place.

Peak, this is the point where the emotions and actions collide, creating an outburst of the behaviour.

De-escalation, this is where the emotional and physical energy built up because of the behaviour starts to dissipate, resulting an individual questioning their actions and other reactions.

Recovery, the healing period where the behaviour is reflected upon and the cycle returns to Calm.

The model can be used to track time patterns and levels of behaviour, in turn this will help avoidance and clearer management techniques in the future.

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