Explain the reasons for the transition from field reporting of war to ‘infotainment’ and ‘militainment’.

Explain the reasons for the transition from field reporting of war to ‘infotainment’ and ‘militainment’. Outline the main implications of this transition in relation to the role media plays in the reporting of the Iraq war and current wars. Finally, and importantly, explain in what way your understanding of the role of the media has changed by your study of the topic.


In answering the topic you need to do, as a minimum, the following:


1)  Watch the documentary ‘Militainment, Inc.: Militarism and Pop Culture’. You can access it through the VU library catalogue via the following link:



2) Read carefully and utilise in your answer specifically from week 11, the required readings, lectures and workshop discussions. At least one reference from the Lecture slides (week 11 or other relevant lectures) is required in your answer. All readings for the unit are relevant and you can/should use any of these to further your critical analysis.

-The following reading is also very useful in answering your question. Stahl Roger, 2010, Militainment, Inc.: War, Media, and Popular Culture, Taylor & Francis, Hoboken. [electronic resource]


-Moeller, S.D. ,1999, Compassion fatigue: how the media sell disease, famine, war, and death, Routledge, NY, New York.


In dealing with this topic you need to:

 Highlight the differences between field journalism used in the reporting of the Vietnam War and the current trends of reporting war as infotainment and militainment. Here you must define the terms infotainment and militainment.

 Utilize the various analyses and examples given in the visual material, especially in ‘Enemy Image’, without giving descriptive summaries, to explain the role of the media.

 Discuss the major changes in the role of media in the reporting of war, especially the strategies employed by the media and the military in managing the media and communication aspects of the Iraq war. Focus on analysis rather than description.


Please use the material provided in your Book of Readings and the references from your unit guide. (References in the Unit Guide are more accurate than those from Book of Readings). There is no need for you to go looking for unevaluated internet material and websites.

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